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Wearing a boyfriend t-shirt has always been in trend. It is the most comfortable look that you can opt for this summer. You can wear it in the formal and informal events both, depending upon what other layers you pair it up with.
Your boyfriend’s clothes are not just cozy and comfortable but versatile too. If you go digging up your boyfriend’s wardrobe, you will not just find a t-shirt but lots of other oversized stuff for yourself.
Here are a few ways in which you can use your boyfriend’s clothes to glam yourself.
1. Tomboyish look
Pair up your boyfriend t-shirt with your boyfriend’s jeans or any trousers that fit little slouchier on you. Add the touch of tomboy look by wearing sneakers and blazer on the top.
2. The office look
You can wear your boyfriend's t-shirt with high waist pencil skirt and complete the look with ankle boots or heels.
3. Hot chic look
You can completely be a hot chic by just wearing the t-shirt with mini skirt or shorts or just simply wear a long t-shirt as a dress with boots.
4. Casual look
You can rock the casual look by wearing the t-shirt with a knot on the side or by adding a leather jacket to the look.
5. Feminine look
Boyfriend t-shirts are so cool and oversized that you can literally just do anything with them. You can wear them with shorts, leggings, skirts or just as a dress. Tie the t-shirt in a knot and turn that the tied part inside, voila your crop cool t-shirt is ready.
Don’t have a boyfriend? No worries, you can still steal out some t-shirts from your brother and father too.
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