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At the time when social media have given platform to everyone to showcase their talent, many argue that it has become extremely tough to think of something uniquely ‘you style’. This is where the artist of these Banana arts have imagined of something which is completely unique and appealing to the eye, also, not to mention it keeps us wondering “How did he do that and think of doing that?”
Here are some of the samples of his drawing on Banana:
When the artist is living the life of everyone’s dream, his aspirations would also be quite fantasized right? Stephan lives with his wife and dog in Rotterdam, Netherlands, so why not think a bit out of the box and cut the clutter!
He is a fan of Khaleesi too!!
So, if you are wondering how the artist earns out of this art, he has used his brain there as well. He creates some of the most astonishing posts to stand-out in the crowd of social media and through his posts and stories, he gathers a lot of attention.
And a fan of Pink Panther!!
The rehashed version of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.
With all the attention that he gazed in the social media platforms, he gets a lot of offers for events and trade shows. In these events, he performs live and demonstrates how he draws on Bananas so beautifully and describes the thought process.
Portraying the evolution of Cardi B in style!
Remembering his mom in the most thought-provoking manner.
He is also available for banana art workshops, so, he has got himself covered financially.
These banana arts are not just drawing anything but he makes each of the drawing enough thought-provoking to make an impact. So, all the best to Stephan Brushe for pursuing such a beautiful and unique art and enlighten us with his talent.
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