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Have you ever tried some weird combination of food items that you always try to eat secretly?
It’s confession time guys! Admit it if you have done so.
Well let me make one! I have tried Aalu bhujiya with lots of tomato sauce on it. LOL! It must be sounding weird to you. But that’s how I am. Whether you confess it or not, I know you have definitely tried some weird food combos that would freak out the people if you would tell them. Haha! Don’t worry, everyone does it.
Let’s see what other types of weird food combination people actually like to eat all over the world. Check it out!
1. Parle G biscuits and water
Trust me! Half of Indians love to eat this combo.
2. French fries and mayonnaise
You may try this, it might not worth it. LOL!
3. Milk and Cheetos
I wonder how they eat spicy Cheetos with sugary milk.
4. Popcorn and ketchup
Next time, don’t forget to carry ketchup sachets in the movie theatre.
5. Ice cream and French fries
Fries with mayonnaise is literally a better combo than this.
6. Chicken nuggets with honey
OMG! Again spicy with sugary effect.
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