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Spending quality time and expressing love to your partner verbally is a different feeling. Other way of expressing it is definitely through kissing or getting intimate. It is said that to enhance your level of relationship, both the partners need to get intimate physically. Making love is the best way to express your feelings and this is one of the vital things that strengthen your relationship.
Getting into a lip lock with your partner is something magical, especially when it’s happening the very first time. Kissing your partner is a lovely feeling until you are doing it right. Sometimes, it gets so annoying when you don’t do it perfectly. The pleasure of kissing gets lost when some irritating things happen in between.
So if you want the sexiest kiss sessions, then avoid these stupid mistakes.
1. Pouncing upon
Avoid kissing abruptly banging your head with your partner’s. This would result in the most inappropriate kiss ever.
2. Less saliva
It’s not a good idea to keep a bucket full of saliva in your mouth while kissing. This is more of a disgusting act. You just need to keep your lips wet. That’s enough for a lovable kiss!
3. Explore more than lips
You should not go only after one thing. Try kissing neck, forehead, ears, shoulders and other parts of the body according to your partner’s liking.
4. Don’t clink teeth
Avoid clinking your teeth to your partner’s. it hurts a lot and also it makes sounds making you feel uncomfortable while kissing.
5. Avoid sucking lip
Don’t act like a vacuum cleaner! Just a simple and soft kiss can do the wonders. Sucking lips can hurt your partner and he/she won’t be able to feel the romance between you two.
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