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We all have eaten banana and know about the qualities that it has. We usually eat the banana and dispose the peels of it later, without thinking about the possible use of it! The peel has actually a lot of qualities as much as the fruit itself possess.
A banana peel is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Next time when you eat a banana, try to keep the peels and experiment the uses that we are going to tell you next!
1. Whitening
The banana peel helps in whitening of teeth. Rub a peel of banana daily for a week and you will see the difference yourself. This might be a costly process if you go to the dentist for whitening.
2. Cures acne
Banana peels can actually help in curing your cane. Rub the peel on your face for a few days and you will see how the acne and pimples disappear.
3. Shine
Banana peel can help in giving shine to your leather products, shoes, wallets, and even to silver articles.
4. Reduces wrinkles
You can use a banana peel to reduce the wrinkles on your skin. Add egg yolk to the banana peel and apply the mixture on face for 5 minutes. This will help in keeping the face hydrated.
5. Heal bruises
Banana peels can be helpful in healing the bruises. Rub the banana peel on the skin or tie it on hand overnight.
Before trying any of these hacks, keep in mind the following things:
1. The banana peel you use should be fresh.
2. Never store banana peel in the refrigerator.
3. Keep the banana peel in a cool and dry place.
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