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Do you fart too? Yes, we all do! Let’s face the truth; it is a way in which you get relieved of all your inbuilt tension. We all know how difficult it becomes to hold a fart in some really tricky situations.
Fart is that heavenly feeling that can’t be explained to anyone. It is like you love to do it but secretly. Sometimes a proof of what you had in your dinner, lol! I don’t know if somebody else too feels it difficult to fart when you are wearing tight jeans.
Here are a few of instances with which you will relate instantly-
When you fart with your earphones on, you forget that it is only you who is listening to music while others are listening to the music you just invented, lol!
When you were in a pool with many people around you and you felt like farting, you thought that no one would come to know but fate had something else for you in store.
When you are on a date with you partner and is has been long since you have been controlling that fart.
When you are out with your best friend somewhere and you fart. Your friend starts staring at you right away and this how you ask him to stop bringing it to everyone’s attention.
When you try hard to fart and all you get is not just fart but shh…!
While farting with people around you, you thought that the fart wouldn’t smell but voila! Fart accompanied by smell.
That face when you try to hide that you farted.
That guilty face after you do it loud enough.
So, now that you can relate to some of these instances, tag your friends and see how much they relate to it!
Happy Farting!
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