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Life becomes easier when you find a hack related to it. Why waste time and money on doing a certain task when you can save all of it. A makeup hack can really save a few bucks for you, girls!

You cannot deny the presence of Vaseline in your daily makeup kit! Vaseline is one of the essentials in the kit that helps you a big time to save your skin and keeping your lips soft. Besides the common uses of Vaseline there are a few not so common uses of Vaseline that you should know:

Here are a few hacks that you can follow while making use of our very own Vaseline!

1. Saviour from a patch
Apply Vaseline on the border of your hairline before you apply hair dye. This prevents the dye to leave the unwanted patch on your skin.

2. Long lasting fragrance
Rub Vaseline on your pulse point before applying the perfume. This can help you retain the fragrance for a long time.

3. Perfect smoky eyes
To get a smoky eye effect, you can just mix the eyeshadow with a little bit of Vaseline and rub it over your eyelid. This will give you a perfect smoky eye look.

4. Leather maintainance
You can help your leather product retain their shine by applying a dollop of Vaseline on the product and then wipe the extra Vaseline gently using a cloth.

5. Saves hair from splitting
To save your hair from split ends, you can make use of Vaseline. Apply little Vaseline on the tips of your hair and this will help the hair tip stay together and prevents them from splitting.

Now that you know so many uses of your dear friend Vaseline, you can make use if it even more. Tell your mom about the hacks and she will be really proud of you. Go tag your friends in the article and help them save some bucks too!
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