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Getting a tattoo has been in trend since ages. You must have seen older people around you with their names or some significant symbols as tattoos on their bodies. Tattoos hold significance in people’s lives. People get a tattoo of something they like, they want or something that is close to their heart.
Every tattoo has a different story. You must have seen people getting tattoos of their loved ones and pets on their bodies to remind them about their love for them. These tattoos keep your loved ones close to you.
Here are a few people who have heart touching stories behind their tattoos.
The lady got the tattoo of the soundwaves of his father, mother and brother saying,"I love you" down her spine.
The man got the tattoo of the cochlear implant so that her daughter does not feel bad about the real one she has.
A man got the tattoo showing two bricks; blue, the large on represents his brother who died on his 40th birthday and the yellow brick represents him the younger one, who is hugging his elder brother in his favorite blue color. They used to build lego together.
A man got this tattoo done for his wife which represents his support for her against depression.
A man got this tattoo on his back which is the last handprint of his dad before he passed away.
A girl got this tattoo on her body which was the last post from her mother. Her mother used to leave her little notes like this.
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