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This is absolutely obvious that we can’t get a makeover like celebs. The hair, makeup, nails and dress up they own, it is not possible for us to possess that as they would be really expensive and hence, out of our reach. Let’s take an example of the nail art of celebs. The beautiful nail art they get on their weddings are might be more expensive than our monthly salaries. LOL!
But don’t worry; here I have for you the prettiest designs that would not let you go broke at all. So, girls, don’t get dishearten and allow yourself to have simple yet adorable nail arts for every occasion.
Crisp tips and stark squiggles with French manicure is too beautiful to handle

#metgala #nailart for @olivebitties 🐚

A post shared by Eda Levenson | LFN (@ladyfancynails) on

Another graphic design on French manicure

for my lover @thehanburglar u are the most beautiful #ladyfancynails #nailart

A post shared by Eda Levenson | LFN (@ladyfancynails) on

The classic soft blusy polish

@chillhouse #bioseaweedgel #bioseaweedgelnailart #heather #tier3

A post shared by NailDoctor (@naildoctor_la) on

The peppy party sparkles
Geometrical stickers with neutral manicure
The perfectly detailed cuticles

White lines, goin’ through my mind 🎶🎶 by Kia

A post shared by Wild Oleander BK (@wild_oleander) on

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