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Office is a place where you meet different people having different nature. Working in office like a freaking owl is not an easy thing. Amid of all the blues you face in office you there are certain creatures that always make you feel happy and cheer up the toned- down atmosphere around.
If you are working you must have observed people closely. Even if they don’t crack jokes, they are still funny. Let me tell you how. It’s just the matter of imagining and observing the people around you and you can come up with lot of fun factors yourself.
For example, have you ever noticed the people on the lunch table during lunch break? No? Let me try to make you observe these funny creatures. Here are some funny people who have lunch with you every day in office. Check out!
1. The ‘Bhukkhad’
This is the one who eat his own and other’s food as well without realizing that they are still hungry.
2. The fully focused
These funny creatures only concentrate on eating. They don’t even look around to see what’s going on and never participates in any discussion.
3. The diet conscious
These are the ones who are on so called strict diets and always bring boiled veggies. But they also contribute in eating other’s food as well forgetting about their perfectly fat body.
4. Famous for his delicious dishes
This is the one who always praise his mother for delicious food and make others appreciate his mom as well. His dialogue goes like- “Lijiye na, hmari maa ne bnaya hai”.
5. The Loki lover
The one who is teased by everyone in the office because he love to eat loki and often bring it in lunch. According to him, it’s green, so it’s healthier. By the way—it’s me. :p
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