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If you are in a relationship then it is obvious that you can’t live without your phone even for a moment. The texting becomes your companion for the whole day just like your lover. It’s like even if your phone rings or vibrate, you feel it’s him/her. Especially if you are a girl you would always feel like texting your boyfriend all the while.
However, it feels really great and no one can express this wonderful feeling of texting other than a girl. But unfortunately there are times when your boyfriend annoys you with his worst text habits. The unusual and unexpected texts often freak you out and feel like you are going to kill him right away.
Take a look that these annoying text habits that just make you go insane.
1. The one- word reply
When your boyfriend texts you by witting the most irritating words like ‘K’, ‘Ty’, ‘Yep’, etc. you go mad with anger.
2. The ‘without emoji’ response
We, girls often like to put lot of smilies in the texts to express our emotions. But when your bf on the other side writes a plain text it freaks us out completely.
3. When he does not respond even being active on social media
When your bae does not respond you especially when you see him active on social media, you go insane. If he can post a picture on his social media handle, then he would surely have time to hit a response.
4.The partial response
When he makes a half response to listen to half of your story, nothing is maddening than this.
5. When he see your text and forgets to reply
The heightened state pops up when you know that he has seen your text but you don’t get a response against it just because he has a habit of forgetting to text back.
6. The one who uses initials for every word
The worst is when he uses M for ‘Main’and f9 for ‘fine’ certainly makes you go Ugh… But nothing to so because he is never gonna change.
7. The worst and epic one—‘Hmmm’
This is something which is the most annoying one you can’t resist yourself when he reply goes like- ‘Hmmmmm…’ What the heck!!!
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