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1. Do you like butterflies? Yeah sure they taste nice… Ok eww much!
The author Vladimir Nabokav ate butterflies; he said they taste like a combination of green cheese and almonds.
2. Some people should be lactose intolerant...least they develop these habits.
Oil tycoon John De Rockefeller lived on breast milk in his final years; he had kept several wet nurses on payroll.
3. I guess he had Sugarophobia...fear of sugar granules.
Henry ford never ate granular sugar, he feared that the sharp edges would cut his stomach and he will bleed to death.
4. What was his coach thinking? To make him a Vampire?
To toughen up boxer Joe Louise for a match, his trainers made him drink fresh blood from the slaughterhouse of Chicago’s stockyards.
5. Ok now we know where the inspiration for Games of Thrones episode with Gordon eating the penis shaped sausage comes from.
In some ancient tribes of Middle East, a new king would eat the penis of his predecessor to absorb his sacred authority.
6. Sexism can kill you...yup learn to cook gentlemen!
Mathematician Kurt Godel died of starvation when his wife was hospitalized because he refused to eat anything that was not prepared by his wife.
7. Revenge is a dish best served... literally? I guess.
In 1991, a housewife in California Omeima Nelson admitted to killing and then feasting on portions of her abusive husband.
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