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Being single is great and it really feels great especially if you've been a part of a choking relationship. But hey, you have to admit that after a point of time, we do sometimes crave that companionship and that's not too bad. If you've been there too here are 7 signs that show that probably it's start to seeing new people again!
1.You kinda yearn for human contact...
Right after the loads of time you spent enjoying your singledom alone, there comes a time when you start wanting to share everyday things with some partner around you. You start missing simple things like hugging people.
2. You have too many dating apps on your phone and become a dating expert...
Do you swipe right endlessly everyday?? And somehow enjoy doing that and been doing that doing that for quite some time now? With not just one but lots of dating apps? Yeah, that's a sign you need to get out of bed and meet someone…
3.You develop a sarcastic approach when you see people together...
Does your friend's wedding ring make you say sarcastic things about her relationship without any apparent reason? Are you happy but at the same time unforgettably aware of your single status. It's ok...It might just mean that you need to become unsingle.
4.You start treating things like your partner.
We've all done this. Don't tell me we've not whispered sweet nothing to our side pillows before sleeping and repeated this thought that we don't need anybody right before going to bed, just to wake up and realise that we are craving company.
5. Breakup songs are your jam…
Have Taylor Swift and Adele become the reigning queens of your playlist? Yeah it's time you some John Legend flavor into your life.
6. You are bummed out of your way when talking to someone you consider attractive...
Happens to all of us when we go out of a date after literally what feels like metaphorical ages. But don't worry you'll slowly get a hang of it and maybe on one of these dates you'd actually meet someone that you like.
7. You forget how to flirt with people.
Worry not… it's a general flaw. And hopefully by the end of it all you'll get your groove back!
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