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People love weekends but at times there are a bunch of people who are always in a dilemma on whether to go out or spend the weekend sleeping. Now you might be thinking that what’s better than sleeping on weekends, right? We have the answer for you, today we will let you know about things that you can do on weekends if you have no plans.
Let’s check out the list
#1 Sleep for 12 hours
The best thing to do on weekends is to sleep and sleep for hours.
#2 Stare out of the window and do nothing
If you are Vella and you have nothing to do on weekends, then the best thing to do is stare out of the window or go to the terrace and enjoy the view.
#3 Get stuck in traffic
The best way to pass time on weekends is to go to some place where usually the traffic is at peak.
#4 Play video games
If you are kind of person who loves to play video games, then it can be the best useless things to do on weekends.
#5 Watch Nirmal Baba or some funny videos on the internet
Watch funny videos or viral videos on the internet to spare time on weekends.
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