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Summer season is no doubt the most irritating and clumsy season. It just makes us feel like doing nothing whole day. The scorching sun pulls out all the energy, hence we feel lazy all the time.
Well, It just not only that, this sticky season just take the shit out of us when we step out wearing something very nice with the make up on. Especially for girls, who try to look sexy in their outfit, when encounter the intolerable rays of sun, it gets too difficult to handle the perfect look.
Here are some summer struggles every woman face during this annoying and shitty weather.
1. Wearing denim shorts
In summers, whatever you wear, it sticks to the body because of the body sweat that results in extreme discomfort. For example, if you are wearing shorts or hot pants, it would ride up and hurt your crotch, hence you feel uncomfortable.
2. Wearing sexy dress
When you buy sexy dress thinking it would look perfect on you but afterwards you get disappointed when the body sweat makes it see through.
3. High heels
When you wear sexy high heels sandals but because of summery weather, you start getting blisters. That’s something really annoying especially when you are out at some party.
4. Make up
Applying makeup in summer, be it the water proof one, is nothing but a shit. It feels good when you do it freshly in the morning. Once you step out of the house, sweat overpowers the freshness and the makeup gets messed up in no time.
5. Open hair
If you think of straighten you hair in the summery morning for some office party then that would also turn out to be a great mess. The smooth shiny hair would change into frizzy hair making you really sad.
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