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Do you remember how much you used to hate sleep when you were younger? You always wondered why elder people sleep so much! Now, that you have grown up, you understand their love for sleep.
Sleep, the word itself is so relaxing, whenever you hear someone say sleep; you start picturizing yourself on the most comfortable mattress with no alarms to disturb you. Sleep is like a drug to many. People would like to sleep than to do nothing. We often hear a phrase, “You snooze, you lose” but I don’t find sleeping as something losing! In fact, you are gaining more sleep and nothing beats our love for sleep.
People are so in love with sleep that they keep the world aware of what it really means to them. Let’s check out some funny tweets that sum up our love for sleep.
How can someone think that going home is bad? You get to sleep anywhere, anytime you want and you think it is bad? No! sleeping is actually a bliss.
I would really appreciate someone to do that to me at my funeral. The world should remember me for the thing that I loved the most after pizza.
This tweet really makes me travel back to the time where I had so much time to sleep and no one would judge me for it.
Things I love include sleeping, sleeping and sleeping! Anyone who dares to wake me up from it would not be anything less than an enemy.
As the sun sets, as the beds get cozier, as the breath becomes heavy the only thing that I and my partner expect is a peaceful time sleeping without wasting any of it and regretting later!
Does anyone relate to this tweet too? I swear, if not for the alarm clock, I would have never understood the value of snoozing the alarm and sleeping for 5 more mins.
If it was possible to have 36 hours in a day, I would have saved 16 hours straight for sleeping. The rest 20 hours would have included timely naps though! We plan so much about how we would take out time to sleep from the busy schedule that we even feel like taking a nap, the next day, already!
There's nothing like losing when it comes to sleeping. Getting ready in time even after snoozing the alarm 8 times is the skill I excel in. I deserve nothing less than an award!
Even the funny people on Twitter understand how pure is the affair of a person with sleep. It cannot be ditched for anyone or anything!
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