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Most of the times what we expect in our heads and what actually happens are two completely different pictures. Here are few pictures strips which will strike a chord with you if you too have faced the expectation versus reality chasm.
Expectation- I will have a dream job that will pay me handsomely and i will have all the time in the world. My cabin will be perfectly in-sync and tidy with me sipping from my cuppa.
Reality- We end up getting buried under pile of files and workload. The worst part is we are always confused and clueless about what we are doing and no matter how hard we try, we are always off deadlines. If only I knew where I kept that file in this swath of mess.
Expectation- I'll keep my room tidy. We all keep telling ourselves that the messy phase is only temporary and as soon as we get out of college we will learn to keep things arranged and well placed.
Reality- The phase never fades away, and the best excuse we have is, only genius people are messy e.g, Einstein and Sherlock Holmes. At least I have all essentials just at a hand's distance.
Expectation-I'll buy a classy four wheeler right after I finish my education and go out into the real world. The faster will be the better is the dream that keeps us going.
Reality- My scooter will break down any day now. There is a wise saying in hindi “Hathi Toh Koi Bhi Kharid Le, Par Usse Roz Roz Kele Kahan Se Khilae”, which closely translates to “ It is easy for anyone to buy an elephant, but to keep it well fed is not easy”.
Expectation- I'll be a pro with my partner. We grew up watching hereos sweeping girls off their feet with their charm and man-chas-tic charisma, and what we see is what we expect.
Reality- Oh! If only I was fitter, why can't I be more confident around girls? The reality hits us when we actually have to confront the woman of our dreams.
Expectation- once I land a job I'll travel the world. We all expected a lot of free time and a lot of in-flowing cash to support our exorbitant trips around the globe.
Reality- I just want to get some sleep. After working our asses off to help us sustain the bills, there is not much of dough left for getaways and even if we manage to save up some, it’s just too tiring to get out of the bed.
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