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We all know how diffucult it is to deal with the daily bra struggles that we face. We know how painful is the wire that sticks out from under the breasts and stabs our heart. Now the time has come to face all these daily challenges and rock the show!
So, here are some hacks that every girl should know-
1. Do you face pain in shoulders or some itch problem when you wear a bra?
Hack- Place bra pads over shoulders, under the bra strap and that will relieve your pain.
2. Does your bra strap show in your spaghetti top?
Hack- If you wear spaghetti strap top you can put band aids over the strap of the bra so that your bra strap sticks to the strap of the top.
3. Do your straps show when you wear off shoulder tops?
Hack- Take off one strap and then another. Instead of wearing the straps the normal way, make the strap pass under your breast to the other side making the strap longer. Ask someone for help to hook the bra straps from behind. This way you can keep the bra from falling.
4. Do your straps show when you wear halter or tank top?
Hack- Use a u clip or a file pin to place the straps together in the center at the back.
5. Know the right way to wear a bra!
Hack-There should only be one finger gap between your shoulder and strap and two fingers gap at your back.
6. Know how to curl your hair using a bra strap!
Hack- Separate your hair into two halves and then take the halves on either side, wrap hair around the bra strap and do the same on the other side too. Then blow dry the strands that you wrapped for 1 minute. Unwrap the hair and you will get curled hair.
7. Does your bra wire stick out?
Hack- In cases of emergency cut a little portion of center part of a sanitary napkin and stick around from where the wire is showing.
8. Know how to wear a strapless dress using a strapless bra!
Hack- Stick a bra to the dress. Use bobby pins and to help it in sticking as shown in the video.
<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>
So, now that you know how to tackle with all the bra struggles, wear that strapless dress that you always wanted to wear and also tell your friends about it! We are sure your girl gang will rock the party with the strapless and off-shoulder tops that you have always loved.
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