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We all are aware of the fact the Indian awards irrelevant to talent. But sometimes it crosses the line of being partial and goes into the realm of plain stupidity.

No one can make sense of their decision and the path they go down to make someone happy. We all know that different awards have different favorites, Like the screen award can’t help but give a particular award to Shahrukh Khan.

And sometimes it’s not harmful because there is relevance to acting. Like Kriti Sanon's “Nothing to hide award” in that case I don’t mind.But if a talented actor got unrecognized because some punk got a famous father or brother,and some time the people of award show just want to put a show and want to be in someones good books. that pisses me off.

Today we are going to have a look at some of these disappointing moments.
1. Arjun Rampal for “Rock On”
This is plain ignorant, on one side we have a veteran actor doing a triple role with so much diversity and fun. We are talking about Paresh Rawal's work in "oye lucky lucky oye", on the other hand, we have Arjun Rampal.
This miracle happened on the stage of National Award so it’s not that surprising.
2. Saif Ali Khan for “Hum Tum”
See, I am a fan of this guy. He has proved himself to be a risk taker as shown in "Go Goa Gone" and a capable actor as proved in "Omkara" I adore him for that.

But a National Award for “Hum Tum”, It doesn’t get stupid than that. And when you will hear who his fellow nominee was, you might pull your hair.

He won the award against Irfan Khan (Maqbool), Shahrukh Khan (Swadesh) and Abhishek Bachchan (Yuva). Maybe that's the reason nobody watches them.

3. Kajol for “K3G”
My name is khan is praised because of Shahrukh’s delighted performance but I think it’s Kajol’s one of the best work to date.

But she didn’t get recognition for that instead in the year 2001, She got, not one, not two, but three awards award for Kabhikushikabhigham, against Tabbu for “Chandni Bar” and Gracy Singh for “Lagaan”.

Talk about blind as a bat.

4. Arbaaz Khan for Daraar
I just want to say one thing, if you win an award in negative role you must be fucking good and if you are doing that against Naseeruddin Shah, it should not be nothing less that epic.

Unfortunately it was just ok. And that tells us something about us.

5. FardeenKhan for “PremAggan”
You might be aware of this atrocity and might have guessed the reason behind it.
But do you know he did the impossible against few awesome performances?

To mention a few, Shahrukh Khan in “Dil Se”, Amir Khan in “Ghulam” and Manoj fucking Bajpayee in “Satya”. Actually, none of it matters because the worst performance of the year would be watchable then Fardeen’s imitation of a sex doll.

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