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We are living in a country where male are always given first place and are considered as dominant in every aspect. It has always been seen from the inception that women are the ones who always have to suffer in life. They are the ones who are the real victims of every evil thing existing on earth. There is no doubt in the fact that more than 70% women are suffering each second because of some or the other reason which is actually a matter of shame for all.
However, amid all this, we tend to forget the fact that there are a certain proportion of men in our country who are becoming the victims of various kinds of abuses. If not abuse, they suffer a lot in the hands of their family members and other evils that exist. So instead of focusing only on women’s suffering, we must turn our heads towards some innocent men who actually become the victims in the hands of other in some or the other way.
Let’s check out how they are abused and how that becomes a silent story for us:
Men become the victim of rape too
We always read the stories about women getting raped by men so brutally. But have you ever focused on even one story about men being raped by men? If no, then you must think about it for a while. If a woman gets a set back after being raped then a man also experience the same stuff. It’s just that, they don’t raise a voice.
Men also face family pressures
Again we always have this misconception that when a girl gets married, she has to adjust with the family members while her husband does not need to do anything. He has the same routine as before and enjoys his life fully without any pressures. But actually in some cases there are men who go into depression because of their inability to make a balance between the relations. Specially balancing the relationship of his mother and wife becomes a pressure for him. Amid all, his soul smashes completely.
Financial pressures
Women of the house are always busy in their daily chores. They don’t actually realise the difficulties the men are going through. They just ask money and become happy or they argue with their husband when they don’t get money for their house expenses. Among all, they tend to forget that only a man who is earning can fully understand the pressure of working in a hectic environment and managing the house and other expenses.
It’s just that, it’s not only woman who suffers a lot of pressure and abuse in life, however, men suffer from the same sufferings too.
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