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Graffiti, if you are not familiar with the word then you are missing out in lot of cool things. Anyways, you must have seen many caricatures and paintings in street walls, not the political logos, in whichever city you are staying in, these are graffiti art. Graffiti is the plural of ‘graffito’, these are scribbled writing or drawings on a wall or other surface in a more or less public area. Graffiti is pretty underrated in India but these can be seen in metropolitan or more art-lover cities like Kochi, Kerala.
Kerala is filled with a series of graffiti arts in various houses and empty spaces that will surely make your day. The creativity of these artist/artists needs to take a bow, just check it out:
1. Rajaadhi Rajan Bean
This series is named as the ‘Guess who’ graffiti.
2. My name is Bond. Naseer Bond
The artist/artists simply went with the name 'GuessWho'.
3. JokerKali
The combination of two style and culture is nothing short of marvellous.
4. Jacksonattam
These artworks can be found on the walls around the Fort Kochi area in Kochi.
5. Welcome to Kuttan's Food Court
The anonymity in these works of art really makes us more curious and feel humbled about the artist.
6. Momnautical
This is surely his/her tribute to all the mothers.
7. Kiss of Love
Graffiti in India is illegal and so is this! Now think it through.
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