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Being an ultimate foodie does not means that you can eat anything that comes in your plate. Here if you would challenge yourself then also you can’t even sink your teeth in them. The reason is that there are several weird and quirky dishes which are served around the world that you can’t even see with an eye open. They are so scary that you would definitely wonder how people eat it and what they like about eating it.
Imagine how you can even boil a half fertilized egg of a duck!
These most intriguing eats from all corners of the globe are just at another level. So guys it’s time to take a trip around world and witness the most bizarre and weird foods that would definitely make you leave your screens right away. Check out the edibles which cannot go much weirder than this.
1. Crocodile meat
People from Southeast Asia consider this food as rich in protein and is low on cholesterol compared to other types of meat.
2. Fried guinea pig
It is famous in Peru. The dish is also known as 'cuy' in South America. They are usually fried usually on a stick can get them simply fried.
3. Tuna Eyeballs
It is mainly a Japanese dish. These fried tuna fish eyes are enjoyed with plenty of garlic and soy sauce.
4. Wasp Crackers
This is again a Japanese treat. These are basically a cookie filled with wasps. You may think it as a chocolate chip cookie or biscuits, the only thing you need to replace is chocolate chip with wasps.
5. Birds’ Nest Soup
This Asian dish is made from the nest of the swiftlet bird, who instead of collecting twigs for its bed, builds it out of its own gummy saliva, which goes hard when exposed to air.
6. Snake wine
This is simply a reptile infused rice wine which is quite famous in Vietnam.
7. Fried tarantulas
A common eight- legged dish of Cambodia is enjoyed as a whole or without the legs.
8. Fertilized duck eggs
It is a common street food in the Philippines. The fertilized duck eggs, or balut, are boiled just before they are about to hatch. It is usually seasoned with salt, chili, garlic and vinegar.
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