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Many of us are look for a new job after a while when we feel that the current work type is not fitting us anymore or there’s no exposure. We lose our cool at times when we don’t land in to that job we desired the most. This phase can be quite frustrating for many and especially for them who doesn’t like sitting back at home. Just applying for a job and expecting to land one in a jiffy is actually a very lame idea, one has to focus more on the points that actually help in fetching the job that one desires the most, here are few:

1. Be clear about what you want
Everyone has got a particular vision when it comes to their job, you cannot have varied angles and different motifs all at ones. Either it’s a particular position, or money, or a dream which you want to achieve is what makes you stand out.

2. Get hold of your target companies
Research your target companies and get hold of the write one. Once you’re clear about your vision, you know what you want and how you’re going to approach it. Find companies that match your personality and your need. This is how you catch hold of the apt companies to apply for.

3. Make your resume look precise
If you put too less information about yourself in your resume, it look incomplete and only half the information is generated from it. Similarly, when you put too much information about yourself, you puzzle the recruiter. Keep it limited to the work which according to you are the best and is worth mentioning.

4. Organize yourself
Make an excel sheet of jobs and companies you’ve applied for, how many interviews have you been to and how many are left. This is how you get an estimate of how much effort you’re putting into getting a particular job and how likely you are to get that job you want.
Author- Rishita Chakraborty
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