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Sexual harassment allegations as a part of the #MeToo movement is spreading like fire across India, wherein you can see popular celebrities, small screen artist, singers all have started sharing their harassment moments on social media and want steps to taken to give them justice.
But whatever purpose it is for, it’s right a time that women should speak up and stand by each other when things like this happen. But what actually is SEXUAL HASSESMENT lets understand and be aware of all that is wrong and right.
Definition of Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
1. Verbal Harassment: These all include teasing women on he looks, clothing, and even when someone is saying false things about a women and her character.
2. Non –Verbal Harassment: These include looking at her in bad way, like starring her, displacing images on phone computers.
3. Physical Harassment: Physical touching without her consent any body parts of her, blocking way when a woman pass by, etc.
What laws we have
To make workplace safe for female employees, in this case every company which has more than 10 employees working should form an internal committee who will take care of these issues raised by female employees, wherein this committee should have one senior female employee as head, along with an external member who can be from an NGO and this committee formed shall have half of the total members as Female.
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