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There are just two types of people you will meet, err... no wait, technically you can meet just one of them. Because the other type doesn’t like meeting and talking to people. Did you guess it yet?
Come let us know about these two types, in detail.
Extroverts (as we call them) are people who love to hang out and chill with friends and strangers sometimes. Also, there are people (Introverts) who cannot stand anyone talking to them. Neither they are different from us nor are they strange. They just like to in their happy space. They have certain characteristics. They don’t like clingy people or people standing close to them. They try to avoid conversations as much as possible. And by any chance, if they feel like talking to people, people immediately understand how drunk they are!
Oh yes. And then they go and talk to someone else and you're completely lost.
This is the level of engagement of me with my cozy bed. Being alone is really doing something. Hence, busy.
Especially if they are the non-stop talkers who are hard to get away from. Oh, the torture!
This is me during meetings. At the end of the call I realize I never said a single word, but I'm mentally drained from my spirited internal dialogue.
I just reply as fast as I can and hope that the person who called me will suffer a quick and painful death.
And then I am afraid to look inviting or open for conversation. I just really want to observe people on distance.
I tell the people I am with to under no circumstances to let the staff know it's my birthday. Free cake is not worth it.
Because, why would you be the one who cancels plans at the last moment, every time?
I do this all the time, then try hard not to giggle at the other person, so that he has no idea.
Because some people just cannot stand the drama.
If you also feel the same way, let us know the various situations you face, in the comment section below. Let us know each other's pains?
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Author: Akshita Jain
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